Monday, April 5, 2010

New (Non-Musical) Job = No Posts

Funny the way it is . . . just as I begin a new project (this blog) I also start a new job. While I'm working only a few more hours per day than I was, my commute is longer--especially since my most recent commute involved padding my way in my fuzzy slippers from my bedroom to my office. Because family is important to me, I've spent some extra time with them these past few days to make up for the time I'm no longer at home.

Sadly the job is not musically-related, but it helps support the hobby that might one day be a full-time position. In the meantime, I am helping out as a backup pianist for the production of "The Sound of Music" my daughter was cast in. My first rehearsal is tomorrow and my piano skills are rusty--wish me luck!


  1. Good luck my friend. Keep on keepin on

  2. hi bixie!
    you and i have the same dream (to sing as a job at disney!) i hope you get there one day! good luck with the new job!

  3. @Amanda, thanks for the encouragement!

    @Rachel, thanks! You too :) Just checked out your webpage--love the name of your band! Hopefully we'll both make it into Disney Entertaiment one day. I know they do auditions around the country; you should check them out when they come to Chicago next time.