Saturday, April 10, 2010

Disney Party in a Box

Slightly off topic, but still Disney-related . . .

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join the Mickey Moms Club when it formed back in 2007/2008. The club provides some fun content through e-mail newsletters and a web page, and every once in a while is kind enough to send a little gift in the mail.

Recently, they accepted applications to host a "Walt Disney World® "What Will You Celebrate?" In-Home Celebration". If you are familiar with the House Party concept, you'll find a lot of similarities. After filling out the online application, a pre-determined number of applicants are chosen to host. The sponsor (Walt Disney World, via the Mickey Moms Club for this party) then sends the selected hosts items to help him or her plan a party. The goal is to share information about the sponsor or its products with the people invited to the party. Call it an in-person infomercial maybe, but it's a fun marketing tool.

I'm thrilled to say I was selected and received my Big Red Box last week. My birthday is coming up this week and my sister, daughter and I were already planning a celebration this weekend at WDW, so it seemed like a great time to host the party!

There will be games (instructions and supplies were included for bingo and Disney trivia), crafts (a Disney character-themed "cootie catcher"), balloons (Mickey Mouse-shaped, of course) and goody bags (pictured above). There might even be another surprise or two.

So if you'll be anywhere near Disney World on Saturday, April 17, come join us at the Caribbean Beach Club around 7:30pm. More details are on Facebook (click to go to the Event listing).

DISCLAIMER: Mickey Moms Club provided me with the contents of the box; all opinions are my own.

Monday, April 5, 2010

New (Non-Musical) Job = No Posts

Funny the way it is . . . just as I begin a new project (this blog) I also start a new job. While I'm working only a few more hours per day than I was, my commute is longer--especially since my most recent commute involved padding my way in my fuzzy slippers from my bedroom to my office. Because family is important to me, I've spent some extra time with them these past few days to make up for the time I'm no longer at home.

Sadly the job is not musically-related, but it helps support the hobby that might one day be a full-time position. In the meantime, I am helping out as a backup pianist for the production of "The Sound of Music" my daughter was cast in. My first rehearsal is tomorrow and my piano skills are rusty--wish me luck!